Bowls Jersey – COVID-19 Community Initiative

Bowls Jersey – COVID-19 Community Support Initiative

Dear Members,

After today’s news that Over 65’s are to self-isolate in light of the threat from Coronavirus, it was not lost on Bowls Jersey that many of our members fall into that category. We are aware that whilst many of you have family and friends that you can rely upon, not all of our members and community are so fortunate. Bowls Jersey have been formulating this scheme for a week now, but in light of today’s announcement it’s release has been accelerated so that you know, emphatically, that you are not alone.

In more challenging times technology can play an ever important factor and I firmly believe that leveraging it we can make a huge difference during this period of uncertainty. We’ve already moved to ensure that Club Committees can continue to meet via Video Conferencing by procuring licenses for market leading software, and there is a lot more that we can, and want to do.

With that in mind, we are today launching the Bowls Jersey Community Support Initiative called Bonded by Bowls – a drive to recruit our own band of volunteers to support our more at risk members to club together throughout the duration of this pandemic.

Things that as a community we would like to co-ordinate and assist with include:

– Essential Food Shopping (subject to volunteer numbers on a best endeavours basis)

 – Telephone Calls for Company and Social Interaction

– Video Conferencing – don’t be scared – its free and easy for everyone with an iPad – sign up and get involved! 

– Internet Social events – for example a pub quiz and other ideas that we are still working on(!).

To sign up to get involved or ask for help Click Here

To support the above, we are also looking for volunteers to conduct the food shops for essentials as well as people who are willing to spend time talking on the phone. We know you need to be Under 65 to do the food shop (and there are guidelines that we have sought the advice of a health professional to put in place to protect both shopper and recipient!), but people with any age can do phone calls – this is a great way to connect.

To sign up to be a volunteer – please Click Here

I have long promoted Bowls as the Community Sport, I firmly believe that our Community needs us now and encourage members of any club to get in touch and pull together. If the greens are to be cruelly kept out of reach whilst our front line heroes battle the challenge, then I pledge to try and fill the void that’s left behind. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t an active member of Bowls Jersey, this initiative is for everyone connected by Bowls.

As ever, please reach out to if there is anything that we can do – and in the meantime – please get involved with this initiative and most importantly, stay safe and healthy and follow all the advice given. We may all need to stay six feet apart on the streets, but we can all enjoy each others company from our iPads on the sofa in lieu of being out on the greens.

Yours in Sport,


Greg Davis
Bowls Jersey – President