Wales 10 Nation Test Match Results

Bowls Jersey recently sent 5 men and 5 ladies to compete in a 10 Nations Test Match in Cardiff, Wales.

The 10 nations that completed were: Wales, Ireland, Jersey, USA, Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Canada, Namibia (Men Only) and Cymru Wales (Ladies only).

The Jersey team were as follows:


Derek Boswell, Gus Hodgetts, Rob Clive, Alan Shaw, Gus McKinnon


Jean Holmes, Di Canavan, Jackie Knight, Joan Renouf, Doreen Moon

Results below:

Ladies singles

Lost 21-17 to Ireland

Lost 21-20 to Wales

Lost to 21-15 Malaysia 

Beat Spain 21-17

Ladies Fours 

Lost  18-9 to Cymru Wales

Lost 16-15 to USA

Lost 18-8 to South Africa

Lost to Malaysia 21-8

Ladies Pairs

Lost 22-9 to Australia 

Lost 22-8 to Wales

Lost 13-8 to South Africa

Beat Cymru Wales 18-17

Ladies Triples 

Lost 17-14 to Cymru Wales

Lost 16-12 to South Africa

Beat Ireland 20-18

Beat USA 27-9

Finished second in group and qualified for a play off place

Play off match

Beat Canada 18-9

Semi final

Lost 16-13 to South Africa but received a bronze medal

Men’s Pairs 

Lost 18-13 to Namibia 

Lost 26-10 to Malaysia

Beat Spain 20-11

Lost 18-13 to Wales

Men’s Triples

Beat USA 26-8

Lost 22-12 to Malaysia

Lost 21-14 to Spain

Lost 26-9 to Australia

Men’s Singles

Lost 21-15 to Wales

Lost 21-7 to South Africa

Beat USA 21-8

Beat Spain 21-10

Finished 3rd in group and qualified for a play off place

Play off match

Lost to Australia 21-16

Men’s Fours

Drew 15-15 with USA

Lost 23-7 to South Africa

Lost 18-12 to Malaysia 

Lost 18-11 to Spain


Congrates to all players and a special well done to Derek Boswell who reached the play off in the men’s Singles and to Joan Renouf, Jackie Knight and Jean Holmes winning a gold medal in the ladies triples

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