Atlantic Rim Championships day 3 recap and day 4 preview

It was a great day for the men’s teams and the ladies still are in contention of getting through:

Ladies Singles:

Jersey 16-21 Namibia

Men’s Pairs:

Jersey 27-14 Cyprus

Jersey 23-7 Netherlands

Men’s Triples:

Jersey 25-6 Guernsey

Jersey 30-7 Turkey

Ladies Fours:

Jersey 18-10 Zimbabwe 

Jersey 12-15 Wales 

Tomorrow’s games:

Ladies Singles at Dinas Powys

Jersey v South Africa at 10:40am

Jersey v Switzerland at 3:30pm

Men’s Pairs at Barry

Jersey v Botswana at 8:15am

Jersey v Wales at 1:05pm

Jersey v Malta at 5:55pm

Men’s Triples at Penarth

Jersey v Botswana at 5:55pm

Ladies Fours at Barry 

Jersey v Argentina at 3:30pm

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