Atlantic Championships day 4 recap and day 5 preview

Ladies Singles

Jersey 8-21 South Africa

Jersey 19-22 Switzerland 

Men’s Pairs

Jersey 17-14 Botswana 

Jersey 12-18 Wales

Jersey 14-14 Malta

Men’s Triples

Jersey 32-11 Botswana 

Ladies Fours

Jersey 11-13 Argentina

Day 5 games and permutations 

Ladies Singles at Penarth

Chloe needs to win both her games against Guernsey and Brazil and results go her way to qualify for Ladies Singles at World Bowls next year

Jersey v Guernsey at 8:30am

Jersey v Brazil at 1:30pm

Men’s Pairs at Dinas Powys

The guys need to beat Scotland and France to have any chance of getting top 3 and results go in their favour.  A win against both will secure top 6 and a place at world bowls.  A loss against Scotland and win against France should be enough depending if results go their way with Israel playing Wales and Scotland respectively 

Jersey v Scotland at 8:30am

Jersey v France at 1:30pm

Men’s Triples at Penylan

The guys have secured their place at world bowls. They are in a great position to finish top 3 and only a bizzare set of results will see them miss out. A win against England this morning and top of the group will be more or less secured

Jersey v England at 8:30am

Jersey v Switzerland at 1:30pm

Ladies Fours and Dinas Powys 

The ladies have secured their place at world bowls and still have a chance to qualify in top 3.  They need to beat Switzerland last game and hope Ireland beat Zimbabwe with a 15 shot swing between each game

Jersey v Switzerland at 11am

Good luck team Jersey #onelastpush

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