Atlantic Championships 2019, The Next Chapter

Tomorrow is a new day, yes it is…….

Now the men’s Pairs and Triples, and Ladies Singles and Fours are done with, time to reverse the disciplines around:

Day 6 preview:

Men’s Singles at Barry

Jersey v France at 8:15am

Jersey v Jamaica at 1:05pm

Jersey v Kenya at 5:55pm

Ladies Pairs at Penarth

Jersey v Switzerland at 11am

Jersey v Israel at 4pm

Ladies Triples at Dinas Powys 

Jersey v Isle Of Man at 8:30am

Namibia v Jersey at 1.30pm

Men’s Fours at Penarth 

Jersey v Argentina at 8:30am

Jersey v Namibia at 1:30pm

Please note, due to personal and family reasons, Jean Holmes has had to withdraw from the ladies Triples team and Freda Videgrain has flown over to replace Jean in the Triples

#teamjersey #herewegoagain

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