Bowls Greens – Re-Opening

Following on from my newsletter over the weekend, notification was provided on Monday that as part of the move to Level 3 in Jersey, the Bowls Greens can re-open.

Unlike under Level 4 where the Government guidelines were that venues similar to Bowls Greens stayed shut, through Bowls Jersey’s consultation with Jersey Sport and Government it has now been determined that the risks can be suitably mitigated to allow the greens to re-open. Great news at last!

It is down to each individual club whether they choose to re-open or not, and when. Each Club has different circumstances. There are many considerations that need to be made so that members can enjoy recreational bowls sensibly.

Bowls Jersey have liaised with all clubs on the island, and issued guidance for the opening of greens for recreational purposes only. The guidelines mean that Bowls activity is very restricted, and the guidelines Bowls Jersey have issued are more stringent than those provided by Jersey Sport, who are the intermediaries between Sport and the Government.

This is done because we are aware that some of you will be nervous returning to the greens, and we totally understand that. You need to be re-assured that you aren’t putting yourselves in harms way, and we need to demonstrate that we are not being reckless. We all know the majority of you would like to spend some of your outdoor hours on a tranquil Jersey green.

Your Club Committees are starting to meet to discuss the next steps, again using video conferencing facilities that Bowls Jersey have provided to cover the duration of this crisis to keep clubs functional. Please be patient, and give your Club Committee your full support.

There will be decisions taken that you agree with, don’t agree with or feel indifferent about. Everybody is entitled to their own decision. Ultimately, even if your Club does open, it remains your choice whether you would wish to use the green or not.

I have every confidence that your Clubs will allow the use of their greens as soon as practically possible (there are a lot of procedures and policies to put in place with regards to cleaning, sanitisation etc) but I am confident the guidelines we have issued support the Clubs in this process.

A copy of the current Bowls Jersey Guidelines is attached below for your reference, and they will be reviewed every fortnight.

As ever, we remain contactable at and we would be happy to answer any further questions. We remain at the disposal of all Club Committees.

Until then, thank you for your continued support of your local clubs and I hope you feel safe enough to enjoy some green time when the opportunity arises for you.


Greg Davis – Bowls Jersey President

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