Commonwealth games day 1:

Well what a start for the men’s Triples. Playing the host nations and one of the favourites live on tv, Buzz Mario and Ross toppling the Aussies 21-18 cracking achievement. Following up later with a comfortable win against Botswana 27-4. They hold command in their group and should be favourites to win it.

At the same time Rachel kicked off her campaign against Scotland falling 21-13. Never an easy game in a very very tough group. Rachel’s second match was the battle of the Channel Islands against the 2018 ladies singles World Cup winner, Guernseys Lucy Beere. Unfortunately Lucy got the better of Rachel winning 21-12.

Afterwards in the afternoon it was time for the ladies fours to start. First game for Jersey was New Zealand. Dropping a 7 ended up costly as they fell with a credible loss against a very good side 20-15. Straight after they were up against Zambia. After a worrying start they clawed back to 10-7 but couldn’t recover and fell to Zambia 22-9.

Day 2 starts again very shortly and live end scoring will be at the link on the bottom of the post for the few that want to stay up 🙂

Day 2

12am UK Time 6th April

Men’s Triples: Fiji v Jersey

Ladies Singles: Brunei V Jersey

3am UK Time

Men’s Triples: Brunei V Jersey

Ladies Singles: Wales v Jersey

7am UK Time

Ladies Fours: Norfolk Islands v Jersey

10am UK Time

Ladies Fours: South Africa v Jersey

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