Cracking start for the lads…

Watching through the most convoluted technical setup in the World, it was a joy to watch our triples conquer the Australians in their first group match.

Steady leading from Derek Boswell, some superb conversion Bowls from De Sousa who got picked on mercilessly by the commentators, and some fine drawing to add to counts and drawing to save from Skipper Ross Davis saw the boys come out on top. There were some unfortunate results that went against the Australian Triple – but the Jersey trio never let their heads drop (even after dropping 11 shots in a row having lead 8-0!) and caused an Aussie upset on the Gold Coast on Day One!

Rachel Macdonald put up a valiant fight against Scotland’s Caroline Brown in the first game of the Ladies Singles, but eventually succumbed 21-13. Everyone in Jersey will be behind Rachel going out and avenging her defeat in the next game!

For now folks, at 2am, its time for sleep!

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