EBU Day 1 – Mixed Fours

*** EBU Update Day 1 ***

The European Bowls Championships started in Guernsey today with 3 games of Mixed Fours. Jersey, represented by Greg Davis, Derek Boswell, Fiona Archibald and Kim Gallichan played Isle of Man, England and Spain.

The Jersey quartet started very strongly, winning the first set against Isle of Man 10-0. As is with set play, our Manx friends played a much better second set and with with scores tied 5-5 playing the last, skipper Davis found himself 1 down in the head needing to play a bowl. That he did, and whipped Fiona’s bowl out the head and dropped a 5 – well done Skipper 😏

Against England, an inspired England team romped away with the first set adapting to the green quicker than the Jersey team. However, a much more positive playing Jersey scored a 5 early on in the second set and held out to draw the second set, at least claiming a point – a little unlucky not for two.

Against Spain, a dogged first set saw Jersey draw, but lengthened the jack and ran out worthy victors in the second set. Our shot difference is now back positive once more!

Points Collected:

Isle of Man: 2 points

England: 1 Point

Spain: 3 Points

Men’s and Ladies pairs tomorrow!

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