EBU Day 2 – Mens and Ladies Pairs

Day Two of the EBU in Guernsey saw two very soggy Jersey Teams battle it out in the Men’s and Ladies Pairs.

The Ladies, playing at the scenic Delancey Park, had a tough day on paper, scheduled to face off against Scotland, England and Sweden which wasn’t the easiest of fixtures to kick off the campaign! However, Fiona and Kim returned a handsome 8 points from their days work which included a 2-0 defeat of Scotland, a 1-1 draw with England and a 1-1 draw with Sweden. Quite rightly, the girls were very satisfied with this horde of points and brimming with confidence for the remainder of the campaign.

The Men had the joys of Guernsey Bowls Club, which started very heavy and the continued and persistent rain only made it worse. The men faced off against Spain, Netherlands and Wales. In the first game against Spain, a shared 1-1 draw could have been so much better had Davis’ bowl not dived in off the line and narrowly missed the 3 Jersey Bowls begging for promotion and instead turned in a Spanish bowl to concede the set. Against Netherlands, a commanding Jersey duo stormed to a 22 shot victory over the two sets. The Welsh were by far the masters of the soaking conditions and heavy greens, opting for full length jacks. They outslung the Jersey hopefuls who unfortunately crumbled to a very wet 2-0 defeat. Still, half the points collected for the day and 4 games remaining for both teams!

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