Atlantic Championships Update:

Final games flourish and a South African showdown to come 

Men’s Singles:

Jersey 21-11

Ladies Triples:

Jersey 18-10 Kenya

Men’s Fours:

Jersey 11-21 Wales

Final group standings:

Men’s singles 4th qualifies for world bowls

Ladies Pairs 5th qualifies for world bowls

Ladies Triples 7th, just miss out for qualification

Men’s Fours 3rd qualifies for world bowls and a playoff spot.

Playoff/semi final draw in men’s Fours

Jersey v South Africa with the winner facing Wales

Namibia v Ireland with the winner facing Scotland 

Great effort from all the players the last 2 weeks and let’s hope the lads can push on in the fours and get a medal!!!

Atlantic Championship Update

Last end heartbreakers…

Today’s results, preview for tomorrow and permutations.

Men’s Singles:

Ross has a great start to the day with a comfortable 21-12 win against Isle Of Man. Next up England’s Jamie Walker. Ross was on fire racing to a 10-1 lead but Jamie proved why he is one of England’s finest. Ross at 20-15 up first bowl front toucher 3 inches off the jack covered great game looked won and Jamie took the bowl clean without moving the jack. 2 fantastic ends later Jamie ran out a 21-20 win on Ross. Ross moves into the final day with a top 6 place secure but a playoff place gone needing a miracle.

Jersey 21-12 Isle Of Man

Jersey 20-21 England

Ladies Pairs:

The ladies started knowing a top 6 place and world bowls was as good as secure but a tough start against Wales killed their hopes of a playoff place. The ladies played their final game against South Africa and topped off a fine campaign with a win ensuring top 6.

Jersey 11-16 Wales

Jersey 15-12 South Africa

Ladies Triples:

A day where wins were a must started well with a win over Switzerland.  Into the afternoon, they faced the Dutch who unfortunately ran out comfortable winners meaning the ladies will not make top 6 and won’t qualify for world bowls. They will play their final game tomorrow with pride and try finish on a high

Jersey 16-13 Switzerland

Jersey 13-26 Netherlands

Men’s Fours:

Starting the day in the most comfortable in all four disciplines, the guys found themselves in 2 tough games. Going into the last end level, the plan worked to get the jack on the T with burning it scoring a 2. Another tough game followed and again going into the last end level, it went the way of the opposition and a tough loss. Top 6 fully secure and barring a hammering tomorrow, a playoff place secure. They need a big win against Wales and Namibia to lose against Guernsey to top the group

Jersey 14-12 Israel

Jersey 12-13 Zimbabwe 

Tomorrow’s games

Men’s Singles at Barry 

Jersey v Argentina at 8:30am

Ladies Triples at Dinas Powys 

Jersey V Kenya at 11am

Men’s Fours at Penarth 

Jersey v Wales at 8:30am

Atlantic Championships week 2 day 3 recap and today’s action

Atlantic Championships week 2 day 3 read and day 4 preview and permutations 

Men’s Singles

Jersey 4-21 South Africa

Jersey 21-20 Guernsey

Jersey 14-21 Wales

Ladies Pairs 

Jersey 9-24 Malta

Jersey 26-10 Spain 

Ladies Triples

Jersey 8-16 England

Jersey 8-18 Scotland

Men’s Fours

Jersey 16-14 Guernsey

Jersey 21-7 Turkey

Today’s action:

Men’s Singles at Penylan

Ross currently sits in 4th place, 2/3 wins in his final 3 games will secure a world bowls place and win all 3 and has a chance of getting top 3 and a playoff place with results going his way.

Jersey v Isle Of Man at 10:40am

Jersey v England at 3:30pm

Ladies Pairs at Dinas Powys 

The ladies Pairs currently sit 3rd and in a great position to finish top 6 and secure a place at world bowls. With 2 games left today, wins against the top 2 could be enough to secure top 3 and a playoff place.

Jersey v Wales at 8:30am

Jersey v South Africa at 1:30pm

Ladies Triples at Barry

The ladies Triples cannot qualify for top 3 and have 2 must win games today to have a chance of getting top 6.

Jersey v Switzerland at 8:30am

Jersey v Netherlands at 1:30pm

Men’s Fours at Dinas Powys

The Men’s Fours currently sit second on shot difference to Wales. Top 6 is secured and a place at world bowls. A win against Israel should secure top 3 and a playoff place. 2 wins today and they will be heading to a showdown with Wales tomorrow for top spot

Jersey v Israel at 11am

Jersey v Zimbabwe at 4pm