Champion of Champions – Men

The Champion of Champions event for the Men was held at Sun Bowls Club, Saturday 22nd June.


T Greechan (St Brelades) bt S Brown (JBC) 21-15.

T Greechan bt D Black (St Saviours) 21-12

S Brown bt D Black 21-4.

T Greechan (St Brelades) was then duly presented with the trophy.

Champion of Champions

This weekends Champion of Champions events will now he contested between just 3 men for the Men’s event in a round robin format, and the Ladies competition will not be held at all.

The Bowls Jersey Management Committee in meeting on Wednesday 12th June had sought to add more value to the competition when it was realised that there would be just 4 men and 3 ladies playing the competition – meaning for the Ladies there would be 2 games in a round robin event to be crowned the grand title of Champion of Champions.

After discussion, it was hoped one of the Champions would be in better health if the competition was played later in the season, but with no weekends for it to be a round robin, for one year only the competition would be played as a knockout.

Unfortunately, the changes proposed by the Management Committee have been misinterpreted by many members and the President accused of manipulating the Competition to allow his brother to play who would be the other champion missing out. This certainly is not the case.

Furthermore, as a result of the un-rest and the allegations of “governing with an agenda” – the President has himself withdrawn as Sun Champion from the event.

Tomorrow’s Champion of Champion event will therefore be contested solely by Simon Brown (JBC), David Black (St Saviours) and Thomas Greechan (St Brelades).

President Greg Davis is disappointed this is the case commenting “I think members on this occasion have overlooked and not considered how the changes proposed may have benefitted the Ladies Competition in particular; they suffer the most from this. Whilst I am happy for members to be upset with any proposed changes made to the competition by Bowls Jersey, the personal allegations against myself for having an agenda in governing Bowls Jersey have left an incredibly sour taste in my mouth not only for being wholly untrue but after all I’ve personally done for Bowls Jersey at the BIWBC over the last few days I believe I have proved I have the best interests of every island bowler, male or female, at heart. It has left me with no choice but to withdraw as I remain incredibly angry with the claims made against me and I shall need to consider my long term position leading the association.”

Tomorrow’s event starts at 10am at the Sun Bowls Club.

Channel Island Finals Session 2 results:

Men’s Pairs:

M De Sousa & G Davis (Jersey) 19-17 M Le Ber & B Harvey (Guernsey)

Men’s Triples:

T Greechan, M Videgrain & G Thomas (Jersey) 15-16 G Pitschou, M Solway & L Le Ber (Guernsey)

Ladies Singles:

C Grimes (Jersey) 18-21 L Beere (Guernsey)

Ladies Pairs:

E Southern & L Simon (Jersey) 31-15 J Nicolle & L Small (Guernsey)

Channel Island Finals

Glorious warm sunshine raining down on us for the Channel Island Finals at St Brelade’s bowls club.

Session 1 results:

Men’s Novice

M Job (Jersey) 21-12 M Totty (Guernsey)

Men’s Fours:

A Quemard, C Renouf, A Shaw & D Boswell (Jersey) 19-20 M Le Ber, B Harvey, M Solway & L Le Ber (Guernsey) (after extra end)

Ladies Fours:

B Foord, F Videgrain, R Le Boutilier & G Stark (Jersey) 18-24 R De La Mare, J Williams, J Kimber, G De La Mare (Guernsey)

Ladies Senior Fours:

J Holmes, J Mayo, S McGinnigle & C Grimes (Jersey) 25-12 M Saunders, J Solway, J Nicole & L Small


Atlantic Championships Mens Fours Final Update


Men’s Fours Final

Jersey 13-14 Scotland 

14th end holding the game, Alex Marshall plays one of his best to chip the jack across for 6 to level the game into the last. The Scots produced their best to win the last end to snatch gold.

A fantastic effort by the lads who come away with silver, they could not have given any more.