AGM 2019 – Election of Officers

Thank you to all all those who braved the rain to attend tonight’s Bowls Jersey AGM.

Following the Election of Officers, the new Committee will be:

President: Greg Davis

Senior Vice President: Malcolm De Sousa

Junior Vice President: Jean Holmes

Junior Vice President: Raymond Baxter

Honorary Secretary: Scott Ruderham

Asst. Honorary Secretary: Kim Gallichan

Honorary Treasurer: Peter Ascroft

Competitions Secretary: Sue Cockle

Asst. Competitions Secretary: Peter Davis

Media Officer: Matt Herve

Asst. Media Officer: Ross Davis

Men’s Selectors:

Chris Andrews, Cyril Renouf, Peter Le Long

Ladies Selectors:

Gina Le Long, Vacant, Vacant

EBU Day 3 – Mixed Fours

Day 3 for the intrepid Jersey hopefuls found them again playing at the heavier Guernsey Bowls Club, although the drier conditions did help improve the pace from yesterday – that said it was still very much up and at it Bowls!

The Jersey foursome skipped by Greg Davis with Derek Boswell, Fiona Archibald and Kim Gallichan started with an encounter against Wales. A very cagey affair in the first set saw the Crappauds sneak a 1 shot victory having been tied playing the last. In the second set, although Competitive, our Welsh friends had slightly more prowess and the spoils were shared 1 set each.

The next game was against our local rivals and hosts Guernsey – who at this point were steam rolling the competition undefeated. Fresh off a 2-0 demolition of England, the in form Guernsey players and vocal home crowd made rather mince meat of a sorry Jersey team who couldn’t find the conversion rate or consistency of their Sarnian rivals. Guernsey ran out convincing victors in a 2-0 defeat of Jersey.

The afternoon game saw Jersey play Germany – a side improving every European Championships. Although there were more humps, lumps and bumps in the rink than any other that had previously sought to challenge the Jersey quarter, some excellent draw bowls coupled with some conversions that actually came off made for a pleasant 2-0 victory to complete the day.

The Mixed Fours concludes Friday morning against a tricky debutant side from Sweden who are grabbing points off teams throughout the group. Nothing can be taken for granted here!

EBU Day 2 – Mens and Ladies Pairs

Day Two of the EBU in Guernsey saw two very soggy Jersey Teams battle it out in the Men’s and Ladies Pairs.

The Ladies, playing at the scenic Delancey Park, had a tough day on paper, scheduled to face off against Scotland, England and Sweden which wasn’t the easiest of fixtures to kick off the campaign! However, Fiona and Kim returned a handsome 8 points from their days work which included a 2-0 defeat of Scotland, a 1-1 draw with England and a 1-1 draw with Sweden. Quite rightly, the girls were very satisfied with this horde of points and brimming with confidence for the remainder of the campaign.

The Men had the joys of Guernsey Bowls Club, which started very heavy and the continued and persistent rain only made it worse. The men faced off against Spain, Netherlands and Wales. In the first game against Spain, a shared 1-1 draw could have been so much better had Davis’ bowl not dived in off the line and narrowly missed the 3 Jersey Bowls begging for promotion and instead turned in a Spanish bowl to concede the set. Against Netherlands, a commanding Jersey duo stormed to a 22 shot victory over the two sets. The Welsh were by far the masters of the soaking conditions and heavy greens, opting for full length jacks. They outslung the Jersey hopefuls who unfortunately crumbled to a very wet 2-0 defeat. Still, half the points collected for the day and 4 games remaining for both teams!

Irish Test Match – Test 1 Results

At a wet and windy St Saviours yesterday, the first of two Irish Test Matches were played.

Ladies Pairs:

– Sue & Jackie won, Cathy & Liz drew, Chloe and Fiona Lost.

Ladies Singles:

– Fiona won, Chloe lost.

Ladies Fours (Jackie, Cathy, Sue and Liz) lost.

Ladies Triples:

Fiona, Chloe and Liz won, Jackie, Cathy & Sue lost

Men’s Pairs:

Thomas & Kevin won, Ross & Jared and Greg and Scott lost.

Men’s Singles:

Ross won, Thomas lost.

Men’s Fours (Greg, Kevin, Scott, Jared) lost.

Men’s Triples:

Ross, Greg, Scott lost and Thomas, Kevin and Jared lost.

Today brings better weather and a new test to St Saviours for anyone who wishes to watch some outdoor Bowls for possibly the last chance this season!

Channel Island Finals 2019 (2018 Winners)

Winners of the Touchstone National Championships that go on to play CI Finals, please note the CI Finals will be played over the weekend of 1/2 June in Jersey.

Please make sure this date is in your diary early.

A draft schedule of play will be sent to you this week before being confirmed with Guernsey – at which point it cannot be changed as flights will have been booked!


Bowls Jersey Finals will be held this weekend on 1st and 2nd September at the Sun Bowls.

Bowls Jersey needs to find markers for the Singles games.

2 Markers for Saturday 1st, 10am

2 Markers for Saturday 1st, 2pm

3 Markers for Sunday 2nd, 10am

2 Markers for Sunday 2nd, 2pm

Please email if you are able to assist with marking a game. Your consideration and time is appreciated!


Due a late dropout, there is space for one more team in the Grouse.

There will be 16 rinks playing on Sunday, it’s going to be a great day with great atmosphere… it would be silly to miss out!

Please email if you wish to take this space. Teams can be any gender from any club – it is totally open!