EBU Day 3 – Mixed Fours

Day 3 for the intrepid Jersey hopefuls found them again playing at the heavier Guernsey Bowls Club, although the drier conditions did help improve the pace from yesterday – that said it was still very much up and at it Bowls!

The Jersey foursome skipped by Greg Davis with Derek Boswell, Fiona Archibald and Kim Gallichan started with an encounter against Wales. A very cagey affair in the first set saw the Crappauds sneak a 1 shot victory having been tied playing the last. In the second set, although Competitive, our Welsh friends had slightly more prowess and the spoils were shared 1 set each.

The next game was against our local rivals and hosts Guernsey – who at this point were steam rolling the competition undefeated. Fresh off a 2-0 demolition of England, the in form Guernsey players and vocal home crowd made rather mince meat of a sorry Jersey team who couldn’t find the conversion rate or consistency of their Sarnian rivals. Guernsey ran out convincing victors in a 2-0 defeat of Jersey.

The afternoon game saw Jersey play Germany – a side improving every European Championships. Although there were more humps, lumps and bumps in the rink than any other that had previously sought to challenge the Jersey quarter, some excellent draw bowls coupled with some conversions that actually came off made for a pleasant 2-0 victory to complete the day.

The Mixed Fours concludes Friday morning against a tricky debutant side from Sweden who are grabbing points off teams throughout the group. Nothing can be taken for granted here!

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